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When the kingdom's most wanted-and most charming-bandit Flynn Rider hides out in a mysterious tower, he's taken hostage by Rapunzel, a beautiful and feisty tower-bound teen with 70 feet of magical, golden hair. Flynn's curious captor, who's looking for her ticket out of the tower where she's been locked away for years, strikes a deal with the handsome thief and the unlikely duo sets off on an action-packed escapade, complete with a super-cop horse, an over-protective chameleon and a gruff gang of pub thugs.

Title : Tangled

Year : 2010

Runtime : 100

Release Dates: 2010-11-24


Actors :

Mandy MooreasRapunzel (voice)
Zachary LeviasFlynn Rider (voice)
Donna MurphyasMother Gothel (voice)
Ron PerlmanasStabbington Brother (voice)
Jeffrey TamborasBig Nose Thug (voice)
Brad GarrettasHook Hand Thug (voice)
Paul F. TompkinsasShort Thug (voice)
Richard KielasVlad (voice)
Delaney Rose SteinasYoung Rapunzel / Little Girl (voice)
Nathan GrenoasGuard 1 / Thug 1 (voice)
Byron HowardasGuard 2 / Thug 2 (voice)
Tim MertensasGuard 3 (voice)
Michael BellasAdditional Voices (voice)
Bob BergenasAdditional Voices (voice)
Susanne BlakesleeasAdditional Voices (voice)
June ChristopherasAdditional Voices (voice)
Roy ConliasAdditional Voices (voice)
David CowgillasAdditional Voices (voice)
Terri DouglasasAdditional Voices (voice)
Chad EinbinderasAdditional Voices (voice)
Pat FraleyasAdditional Voices (voice)
Eddie FriersonasAdditional Voices (voice)
Jackie GonneauasAdditional Voices (voice)
Nicholas GuestasAdditional Voices (voice)
Bridget HoffmanasAdditional Voices (voice)
Daniel KatzasAdditional Voices (voice)
Anne LockhartasAdditional Voices (voice)
Mona MarshallasAdditional Voices (voice)
Scott MenvilleasAdditional Voices (voice)
Laraine NewmanasAdditional Voices (voice)
Paul PapeasAdditional Voices (voice)
Lynwood RobinsonasAdditional Voices (voice)
Fred TatascioreasAdditional Voices (voice)
Hynden WalchasAdditional Voices (voice)
Kari WahlgrenasAdditional Voices (voice)
M.C. GaineyasCaptain of the Guard (voice)

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