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The Book Thief

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While subjected to the horrors of WWII Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refuge is being sheltered by her adoptive parents.

Title : The Book Thief

Year : 2013

Runtime : 131

Release Dates: 2013-11-08


Actors :

Roger AllamasNarrator / Death (voice)
Sophie NélisseasLiesel Meminger
Heike MakatschasLiesel's mother
Julian LehmannasLiesel's Brother
Gotthard LangeasGrave Digger
Rainer ReinersasPriest
Kirsten BlockasFrau Heinrich
Geoffrey RushasHans Hubermann
Emily WatsonasRosa Hubermann
Nico LierschasRudy Steiner
Ludger BökelmannasFootball Urchin
Paul SchalperasFootball Urchin
Nozomi Linus KaisarasFat Faced Goalie
Oliver StokowskiasAlex Steiner
Robert BeyerasJewish Accountant
Hildegard SchroedterasFrau Becker
Levin LiamasFranz Deutscher
Ben SchnetzerasMax Vandenburg
Sandra NedeleffasMax's Mother
Rafael GareisenasWalter, Nazi Soldier
Carl Heinz ChoynskiasJürgen the Groundsman
Rainer BockasBürgermeister Hermann
Barbara AuerasIlsa Hermann
Mike MaasasRolf Fischer
Sebastian HülkasGestapo Agent
Matthias MatschkeasWolfgang
Beata LehmannasWoman with Champagne
Laina SchwarzasNeighbor
Marie BurchardasNeighbor
Georg TryphonasNeighbor
Joachim Paul AssböckasOfficer
Martin OntropasHerr Lehmann
Jan AndresasFellow Conscript
Stephanie StremlerasPost Woman
Carina WieseasBarbara Steiner

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